How to Tell if Your Washer Drain Pump Is Bad?

The Washer Drain Pump does exactly what the name suggests. The purpose of the drain pump is to drain the wastewater away from the washing machine and dump it down the drain.

Unfortunately, washer drain pumps are one of the most common components to fail. Drain pumps are under a lot of stress so they can easily break or get blocked up causing a range of problems.

Some of the most common complaints are:

  the water in the washing machine drum will not drain properly
  the washing machine drum will not spin
  the washer has stopped mid-cycle with it still full of water.

Possible Causes of Drain Pump Issues:

  Foreign objects in the pump
This is usually something that has gone through the washing machine caught in your laundry, such as coins, hair pins, and pens.

•  Blocked filter or pump
Take the filter out of the washing machine, and clean it thoroughly to get rid of any grime and sludge.

•  Damaged impeller
One of the impeller blades might have snapped, or it might just have a bit missing.

Make sure there’s no blockage in the hose or under the sink. if this is blocked and the water has nowhere to go, the pump will not be able to operate

If there’s no blockage and both the pump and filter look fine but you still have the problem, do not hesitate to contact AGB Appliance Repair

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