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Garbage disposals are a wonderful convenience for homeowners that allow for a seamless washing and rinsing process for our dishes without worry of clogging the drains or taking extra steps to clear dirty dishes before entering them into the wash. Oftentimes, we don’t realize just how much of a convenience these units are until we can’t utilize them anymore. 

If your garbage disposal isn’t operating properly, or isn’t working at all, it can put a wrench in that seamless process rather quickly. Some of the most common issues experienced by homeowners when their garbage disposal is beginning to go bad include:

  • Loud or unusual noises
  • Powers on but does not grind
  • Will not power on at all
  • Signs of leaking
  • Slow to drain
  • Foul smells

Experiencing any of these issues likely means your disposal is in need of repair. If you’ve checked that your disposal is correctly connected to its power supply and has not tripped your breaker, it’s time to call for professional diagnosis and repairs.

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Finding Experts For Garbage Disposer Repairs Near You

When your garbage disposal stops working, calling for repairs can save you time and money and a lot of hassle down the road if the problem is left to fester on its own. It may be a bit confusing trying to sift through the service contractors to determine which repairman is the best fit for your disposal issues, but with a few tips, the process can be simplified easily enough. 

Quality trusted small appliance repair technicians in your area are here to help return your home conveniences back to their optimal state. So how do you find a top-rated repairman? Here are a few things to look for:

  • Referrals. A quality repair team will have a significant list of previous customers who are willing to refer to their services. Ask around to family and friends to see who they recommend.
  • Qualifications. It goes without saying, but any small appliance repair technician should be properly qualified to perform the job. Look for teams with huge amounts of experience for the work they do.

High Ratings. There’s probably no better way to determine a service repairman’s credentials and qualifications than to see how others have measured them. Check out online ratings as well as reviews to hear what past customers have to say about their work. Be sure to check independent sites such as Google and Yelp too.

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Need Your Trash Disposal Fixed? Call Our Specialists Near You!

At AGB Appliance Repair, our team of trusted technicians are not only experienced to perform quality work, but our work has a proven track record locally. We are proud of our 5-star ratings across the board and strive to continue that level of excellence with every service call. 

If you’re in need of trash disposal repairs or maintenance, give us a call today to see why we’re among the most trusted service teams in the area. 


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