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LG washer drain pump motor replacement

Washing Machine Drain Pump : How To Tell If It Is Bad?

How to Tell if Your Washer Drain Pump Is Bad? The Washer Drain Pump does exactly what the name suggests. The purpose of the drain pump is to drain the wastewater away...
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Refrigerator Compressor: What Is It Responsible For?

What Is A Refrigerator Compressor? A compressor is one of the most important of the refrigerator. It circulates coolant through coils, and that regulates the temperature inside your fridge. Without this regulation,...
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appliance repair - Refrigerator Control Board Replacement

Refrigerator Control Board: What Is It and What Is It For?

What is a Refrigerator Control Board? Most refrigerators today contain at least one Control Board which is essentially the brain of the Refrigerator.It collects sensory input from numerous sensors in the freezer/food...
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Washing Mashing Water Inlet Valve: What is It and Can I Repair It?

What is a Washing Mashing Water Inlet Valve? The Washing Mashing Water Inlet Valve on your washer is the part that connects the two water hoses to the machine, and it controls...
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