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When your dishwasher is malfunctioning, it can be a major drain on your time and finances. From having to run several cycles to thoroughly clean dishes to just plain not running at all, there are several ways your dishwasher could be malfunctioning, outside of the obvious – it just quit working – situation. Whether you’re experiencing:

  • Residue or film left on dishes
  • Dishes coming out dirty
  • Leaking water onto floors
  • Dishes coming out wet despite dry cycle
  • Foul smells
  • Not draining or water left standing in the bottom
  • Loud or unusual noises
  • No power/won’t start

There is an abundance of things that can affect the health of your dishwasher. While some issues are simpler fixes than others, if you notice any of these issues (or others), it’s always best to call in the professionals for diagnosis and repairs. 

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With more than 50,000 miles behind, we repaired more than 3,000 household appliances for more than 2,500 happy customers. So you can trust their opinion.

Finding Repair Pros For Dishwashers and Microwaves Near You

If you suspect your dishwasher may be in need of professional attention, you may be wondering just how to go about finding the right technician for the job. Following a few simple steps can help you locate the right kind of help for your specific needs, as well as find the most trusted and fairly priced repair service. 

First, before you call for repairs, did you check the basics? Did you make sure your unit is still connected to power and has not tripped the breakers? Did you check to make sure the filters are free from debris? Are you overloading your unit? Oftentimes a few simple checks and tweaks are all you need to solve your issue.

Second, if you’ve determined you need to call for professional service to your dishwasher, find out who others are recommending. Look at online ratings, read reviews from previous customers, and ask friends and family for recommendations. Proven track records with other clients are an easy way to know you’re hiring a service team you can trust to do the job right.

Third, look for guarantees. The most qualified and trusted service experts will be able to back up their work with knowledge of their skills and guarantees for their work. Your professional help should be able to confidently provide the highest quality work and offer you peace of mind by guaranteeing their services at no additional charge. 

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Whether your dishwasher isn’t operating at peak levels or it’s not operating at all, our service technicians are here to help. Our team at AGB Appliance is experienced and expertly trained to diagnose any and all dishwasher repair issues. With our 5-star reviews and our service guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you’re hiring the best service team in the area. 

We are the premier local appliance service team, and we take pride in maintaining the highest level of quality service around. Give us a call today to see the AGB difference in dishwasher and small appliance repair services near you. 

marcelle collins-clyburn, says:

"The booking agent was prompt and professional. The repairman came an hour early, diagnosed the issue and let me know he can complete the job in 3 business days. This includes ordering a new part."

Fevzi Demirhan, says:

"Andrei did a good job. He was professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you!"

Bill Jones, says:

"I really had a nice experience. The technician was knowledeable and very nice."

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